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Ball Mouth Plastic Storage Caps (A Review)

Ball Mouth Plastic Storage Caps

Something that recently caught my attention was that home canning is becoming a trendy chore. What was once something I thought we would leave behind with our great-grandparents is now something many younger people, people my age, are coming to like to do. I suppose preserving food was a natural progression, what with more people choosing to cook at home more often.

Personally, I still haven't caught the home canning bug. I just can't bring myself to do it or to learn the process. However, being an antique and vintage jar collector that loves the look of Ball jars, my lack of ability in the world of canning doesn't stop me from buying Ball jars for my home. I use them for a variety of things, mainly decorating, but I also use them to store food.

When it comes to storing food in Ball jars, I use Ball Mouth Plastic Storage Caps to seal them. I came across these caps some time after I had purchased my initial dozen Ball jars. Each of the jars came with two-part metal lids, the kind you need for canning. I didn't need these lids for most of my jars since I was using nine of them for décor and I didn't need to seal these. The other three jars, I was using for soup, so I did need the lids.

For the first month or so, I was able to keep my jars standing up in the fridge, but the day came that I had too many things in my fridge and I had to put one of the jars on its side. The next time I opened the fridge, I was really annoyed to see that the two-part metal lid wasn't strong enough to hold the liquid in the jar! I realized that this probably happened because I didn't go through the canning process and the jars weren't properly sealed with the gasket. As I said earlier, I'm not a canner so I decided to look for other ways to seal these jars. That's when I found the Ball Mouth Plastic Storage Caps.

These plastic storage caps come in boxes of eight, which was a lot more than what I needed! But I bought the box anyway. I figured it was good to have spares. There are several things I really like about these plastic storage caps. The first thing I really appreciate is that like the jars before them, these caps arrived son after purchasing. Second, I really liked that the packaging includes recipes! Sure, they aren't fabulous recipes, but I've always appreciated a package that gives you a few extra ideas on what to do with the item. But these two perks are minor to what the caps are made to do. First, they completely solved my leaking problem. All I have to do is seal these caps tightly enough and I can put a jar on its side. It's not air tight, but it is water-tight or liquid-tight, which is all I need! Second, I discovered that with these caps, I can freeze the entire container! I was a  bit wary about freezing containers when they had their metal lids, but plastic caps can freeze without a problem! Finally, I was really happy to note that these plastic caps will last much longer than their metal counterparts. Since it's plastic, it won't rust the way the metal does!

The only issue I have with these Ball Mouth Plastic Storage Caps is that it comes in packs of eight. Eight was more than what I needed and I know they wouldn't really sell these in packs of three, but I just thought that it was odd that they sell Ball jars by the dozen and sell these caps in packs of eight. Maybe they think that you're two-part metal canning lids will be in use and you won't have use for a dozen plastic caps, but I just thought it would be nicer if the system was uniformed.

Even if its packed in less than ideal numbers, I don't regret buying these Ball Mouth Plastic Storage Caps at all, and I'd buy them again if I need them for more Ball jars. I later found out that the two-part metal lids were rumored or found to have BPA, which isn't ideal for food storage, making these plastic caps even more necessary, especially if your want to go beyond canning. To date, I'm still on my first three caps and I actually plan on giving my five extra caps away, to an aunt who practices home canning, since I don't see myself needing them any time soon!

Where can I get my own set of Ball Mouth Plastic Storage Caps?

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